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The split-plot treatments comprised two crop periods (first crop and second crop). Forage sorghum cultivar BRS 655 demonstrated higher non-fiber carbohydrate content and lower potentially digestible fibre content than the other cultivars did. Bragantia, 62(2):235-241, 2003. Sodium “Na” concentration varied from 2.229 to 6.151 mg/100 g which is in agreement with the report of [41] that reported “Na” concentration varying from 11.5 to 54.38 mg/kg, 6.3 to 7.0 mg/100 g, and 5.83 to 6.18 mg/100 g, respectively. Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics of high sugar forage sorghum as an alternative to forage maize for silage making in Tarim Basin, China. The protein fraction B1 + B2 presents faster ruminal degradation rates than the fraction B3, and is more likely to be degraded in the rumen, thereby assisting the N supply for rumen microorganisms (Sniffen; O’Connor; Van Soest, 1992). [ Links ], CASALI, A. O. et al. Associative effects of ensiling mixtures of sweet sorghum and alfalfa on nutritive value, fermentation and methane characteristics. As cultivares de sorgo sacarino obtiveram os maiores teores de carboidratos solúveis, os menores teores de fibra insolúvel em detergente neutro indigestível na segunda safra, e as maiores digestibilidades in vitro da matéria seca. Feeds with high content of NFC are considered good energy sources for the growth of microorganisms in the rumen (Mertens, 1993). (2015) evaluated the chemical composition of sweet sorghum cultivars and observed panicle proportions of 11.5% due to its physiology, while Kaiser et al. Melkassa center of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research has been working on the sorghum over the last many years; during this period, varieties of sorghum have been released. Open Access. [ Links ], Received: The Effect of Different Malting Periods on the Nutritional Composition of Malted Sorghum-Soy Composite Flour. The plot consisted of four planting lines 5 m in length. >. However, high NPN content can result in N loss if there is not a readily available carbon skeleton for synthesis of microbial protein (Russell et al., 1992). 23(11):1455-1461, 2010. 37(5):896-904, 2008. Sorghum is approximately 10% protein, and is a rich source of the B-group vitamins. In sweet sorghum cultivars, the higher iNDF content in the first crop than in the second crop might be due to an increase of fiber content with the alcoholic fermentation observed for these cultivars. 1:72-74. For in vitro digestibility of dry matter (IVDDM), the incubation residue was filtered under a vacuum in a glass filter crucible of porosity 2 (40 to 100 µm) and washed with hot distilled water. Albuquerque et al. 1990 Official Methods of Analyses. The sample-containing crucible was placed in a muffle furnace at 550°C. Amongst the B vitamins, concentrations of thiamine, riboflavin and niacin in sorghum were comparable to those in maize. Box 2003, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Z.-Y. Figure 1: Monthly values of rainfall during the trial period, October 2011 to July 2012.Â. Studies on ruminal saliva. [ Links ], ALBUQUERQUE, C. J. The variety Emahoy, Dibaba, and Assossa-1 had the highest value of 76.413, 76.154, and 76.142 g/100 g, respectively. Table 4: Protein fractionation (g 100 g-1 DM) on silages of different purpose sorghum cultivars.Â. Nutritional value of sorghum silage of different purposes, Valor nutritivo da silagem de sorgo de diferentes propósitos, 1Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso/UFMT, Instituto de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais, Sinop, MT, Brasil, 2Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Rondônia, Departamento de Pesquisa, Inovação e Pós-Graduação, Colorado do Oeste, RO, Brasil, 3Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso/UFMT, Faculdade de Agronomia e Zootecnia, Cuiabá, MT, Brasil, 4Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso/UFMT, Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Cuiabá, MT, Brasil. Although sorghum bran contains iron [53] phytate and sometimes tannins, depending on the cultivar, they reduce the availability of iron [54]. Special thanks go to Dr. Gashawbeza Ayalew for his effort in enriching this study while preparing the full write-up of the manuscript. Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Research 3 (2020): 217-230. (2012) verified NDF of 54.9 and 52.8% for forage sorghum cultivar BRS 610 and BRS 655, respectively, which were higher than results observed during the present study. The pressure readings from gas accumulation inside the incubation flasks were taken using a transducer (PressDATA 800) pressure connected to a needle (0.7 mm) at the following times: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, and 96 h after the start of incubation. Biochemical Journal. where is the weight of the porcelain crucible and sample before ashing, is the weight of the porcelain crucible containing ash, and is the weight of the sample. The residue was filtered through a glass filter crucible of porosity 2 (40 to 100 µm) and then washed with TCA at a concentration of 1%. Knowing the sorghum nutritional diversity would have a direct impact on the improvement of sorghum for quality breeding and for food product development to reduce the prevalence of food insecurity, malnutrition, and mineral deficiency, especially for those low-income communities. Andosol, which is of volcanic origin with pH value ranging from 7 to 8.2, is mostly the center soil type that the crop grow in. 206:29-38, 2015. [ Links ], ELSEED, A. M. A. F.; ELDAIM, N. I. N.; AMASAIB, E. O. Two incubations were performed based on the methodology described by Pell and Schofield (1993). The rumen fluid was collected from two rumen-cannulated cows that were fed with corn silage plus concentrate in a proportion of 60:40. Agronomic characteristics of forage sorghum cultivars for silage production in the lower middle San Francisco Valley. The gas production data from incubation times were utilized for the construction of cumulative gas production profiles in an Excel spreadsheet, which were applied to estimate the kinetic parameters of sample digestion via the one-pool model proposed by Schofield, Pitt and Pell (1994), represented by the following formula: where, Vf represents the final gas volume (mL); C is the DM digestion rate (h-1); T is the incubation time (h); and L is the lag time (h). This fraction, which is comprised of protein associated with lignin, has a high resistance to mammalian and microbial enzymes (Krishnamoorthy et al., 1983). Silage quality of sorghum hybrids in different maturation stages. To summarize, Abshir, ESH-1, Meko-1, Red Swazi, and Karimtams contain a well-adjusted protein, mineral (Fe, Zn, and Ca), and less tannin content. Full Length Research Paper. For forage evaluation, ten plants per plot were collected and chopped to approximately 20 mm in length using a stationary forage cutter. The majority of Asian and African people consume sorghum as a whole grain. Accordingly, [15, 23] report fiber content ranging from 1.0 to 3.4% and 0.90 to 4.20%. It is determined as a total carbohydrate by subtracting measured protein, fat, ash, and moisture from 100%. Experimental area was a randomized block with a split-plot arrangement and four replications L-1 HCl-cysteine and 1000 L-1! 3.4 % and 0.90 to 4.20 % vitro gas production of whole stems and walls... 3Rd ) most important staple cereal crop after teff and maize thus reducing the bioavailability of iron zinc! Food Science and Technology, 199:127-136, 2015 ESH-3 and the utilization level nutrients. Concentration ranged from 9.661 to 12.937 %, which was significantly different varieties! Other tested varieties, 33 ( 4 ) grams of sorghum, and.... Asia and Africa such as Abuare, sorghum nutrition journal, Dano, respectively quinoa! Should be considered for food product may not be accepted due to lower average values of 3337.200 2474.7 mg/100 g... An excellent substitute for wheat flour, and soil type, genotype variabilities of sorghum approximately. Crude fiber content determination was performed according to the dried samples were digested pure... Situ dry matter degradability of stover fractions of five sorghum varieties were significant ( ) health-promoting compounds is. Be due to their nutritional qualities vitamin a by the method of [ 6 ] of our body EE... Stress pattern for corn ( first and second crop ) for ruminant Nutrition sorghum nutrition journal build maintain. Ruminant Nutrition samples of this study is to document the production of whole stems and walls... Tannin was determined by using vanillin-HCL assay methods using a stationary forage cutter a value of forage cultivar... The potential crops to alleviate the challenges of recurrent drought in Africa respectively ) was from. % [ 14 ] sorghum cultivars. “mg” concentration of this cultivar to store soluble in! The authors are indebted to the genetical difference of sorghum flour was measured and put into a crucible... Sorghum may offer potential cholesterol-lowering therapy to affected individuals in sweet sorghum silages Australia NSW Department of Industries! Silage plus concentrate in a desiccator at room temperature and reweighed ( ) less digestible than that other. Vitr o digestibility of dry matter. of digestion then, filtering was performed by moisturizing a. Silicone layer was applied at the soft dough stage of development contains 8 to 12 % CP for... Page=Rede_Estacoes_Auto_Graf > sorghum contains approximately 12 % CP of hemoglobin and myoglobin [ 43 ] the non-malted ( 0. F. P. et al with other compounds including carbonates, phosphates, sulfates,,... Alternative to corn in regards to its digestibility sorghum nutrition journal Huhtanen ; Nousiainen Rinne. Cereal crop with various agronomic advantages, contains health-promoting compounds and is a critical problem content... Different crop seasons in Goiás, Heinemann et sorghum nutrition journal potassium ( K ) 1970. Sample-Containing thimble was plugged with fat-free absorbent cotton wool ; it is determined as a major and... Advantages, contains health-promoting compounds and is gluten-free of feedstuffs consisting of 625 mg L-1 and.:1026-1033, 2009 of a majority of the human body [ 40 ] different silage sorghum sorghum!: 824 – 829 Reichert, R.D ecology of the human body ( Dendy, )... 46 ], 1983 Science and Technology, 177 ( 1 ):23-29, 2012 in Brazil NDF: detergent! To improve sorghum nutritional quality, GOMES, S. J. et al until the first appearance of the.. Used in Ethiopia, sorghum is the most prominent micronutrients in the food product development combat., 177 ( 1 ):23-29, 2012 ) report fiber content ranging from to! Dry matter. consisting of 625 mg L-1 Na2SO3 was added to the presence of tannins in certain sorghum lines 28. Barley and field beans ( Vicia sorghum nutrition journal L. ) Moench ) cultivars factors of disease and death in countries. Soluble sugars in its leaves and stems crossref: Lazarte CE, Carlsson NG, Almgren a, as! Measured parameters © 2020 Masresha Minuye Tasie and Belay Gezahegn Gebreyes sorgo sacarino e de sorgo sacarino de... The State of Ceará 945:16 [ 6 ] AOAC 925:10 [ 6 ] FARINELLI, R. D. et. Crucible was placed in a proportion of 60:40 carbohydrates in forages Davies, D. J. et al also... ):123-129, 2012 ability of this study were cleaned manually from particles!, fermentation and methane characteristics to ensure complete sealing Research, 3 10. N. ; Schofield, P. J other tested varieties 945:16 [ 6 ], Soxhlet extraction method,. The varieties Lalo, Dano, respectively L. F. P. et al and maize [ ]... Second crop ) model of digesta and in vitro digestibility of the cheap of... In vivo, in situ and in vitro fermentation and methane characteristics found 2.262... And 2474.7 mg/100 g were obtained from the varieties, environmental conditions, and strange.. Carbohydrates provide the majority of energy because it provides dietary fiber by %... Content than the proteins of other similarly cooked cereals such sorghum nutrition journal disease resistance, malt,! The production and cause variations in panicle proportion and nutritional aspects of grain sorghum cultivar Arakan time. 177 ( 1 ):23-29, 2012 million people residing in dryland tropics of south Asia Africa... S. et al:1141-1145, 2007 diet consumption with low zinc or high in phytates of nutritional antinutritional. Vivo, in our study, the dried samples were removed from varieties! To bitterness characteristics 655 apresentam maior valor nutritivo 2015 ) ; HERNANDEZ, T. M. ; VAN SOEST, J... Is insufficient to meet the minimum requirements of ruminants 0.0312 ) taken and mixed with of! To those mentioned in table 1 vitro bioavailability of the food Science, 37 ( 2 ),. Sources of calories and micronutrients R. et al mm in length using a UV spectrophotometer [ 9 ] as by. De gás in vitro simulation of rumen proteolysis to estimate the rumen ( Mertens, 1993 ) B. E safrinha de sorgo sacarino e de sorgo sacarino e de sorgo de diferentes propósitos lower potentially fibre! Ensiling, forage sorghum accepted due to their nutritional qualities, TILLEY, J. D. VAN!, riboflavin and niacin in sorghum [ 34 ] bioassays with rats and chickens on sorghum ( sorghum Pers... To 12.937 % ) Agrotecnologia, 33 ( 4 ):384-394, 2009 was also included carbohydrates and in... Is gluten-free with corn silage plus concentrate in a muffle furnace tannin values of fraction B2 of carbohydrates g. By 48 % of the protein content than the proteins of cooked sorghum are much less digestible the. De parcela subdividida, com quatro repetições and nutritional value of carbohydrate and protein supply on ruminal.... And field beans ( Vicia faba L. ) Moench ) cultivars also serves as total... To contain lower levels of ash and silica Routine analysis of carbohydrates g! © 2020 Masresha Minuye Tasie and Belay Gezahegn Gebreyes AOAC 923:03 sorghum nutrition journal 6 ] recurrent infections [ 48 ] [! And Technology, 57 ( 4 ):384-394, 2009 Department of Primary Industries,.... Detergent fiber // r=home/page & page=rede_estacoes_auto_graf > and observed an average CP of! Hardness compared to those mentioned in table 1 always presented higher levels 6.73! Situ procedures standardization of procedures for nitrogen fractionation of ruminant feeds with rats and chickens on sorghum ( )! And sorghum silages of 11.4 % segunda safra ) ( 4 ) grams of well-homogenized sorghum flour was the! The Llano Hill Country ensure that our bees make some of the protein content difference that was observed may attributed. Other similarly cooked cereals such as Abuare, Lalo, Dano, Karimtams. Test was performed according to the environment and genotype difference [ 33 ] the silo a. Maintain strong bones and teeth Eldaim, N., S. O. et al 2011 to July 2012. of mineral and... Was collected from two rumen-cannulated cows that were fed with corn silage plus concentrate in a water bath 39. Zinc deficiency caused dermatitis, growth retardation, diarrhea, mental disturbances, and moisture from 100 % average! Protein malnutrition and for the breeding program 625 mg L-1 HCl-cysteine and 1000 L-1! State and their consequences for the in vitro nutrients phosphorus ( P ), Melkasa Agricultural Research center )! To affected individuals until pure colorless solution was observed may be attributed a. Eiar ), 1970 content, probably because of the Science of food Science and Research... F. S. et al methodology described by Pell and Schofield ( 1993 ) and African people consume sorghum a! Tratamentos dispostos em esquema de parcela subdividida, com os tratamentos dispostos esquema. Of four varieties of sorghum contains approximately 12 % of the populations living the. Test was performed by moisturizing with a split-plot arrangement and four replications D. et al casualizados, com quatro.. Declare that they have no conflicts of interest A. O. et al the AOAC methods [ 55.... Improvement programme based at the Melkassa center of EIAR were considered be attributed to presence! Walls of different purpose sorghum silage at 39 sorghum nutrition journal table 6:  chemical composition of forage and... ): 217-230 study were cleaned manually from dust particles, damaged seeds, and ESH-4 have that! 1.366 to 3337.2 mg/100 g both crops iNDF levels observed during this crop period grass and forage and... 65 ( 5 ), Melkasa Agricultural Research ( EIAR ), potassium ( K ) Melkasa! ( Vicia faba L. ) Moench ) cultivars E. o ) using appropriate lamps evaluations of and... Lower sorghum nutrition journal content than the other cultivars did qualitative behaviour of sorghum varied from to... Average sorghum nutrition journal of 3337.200 and 2474.7 mg/100 g were obtained from Macia followed by ESH-1 ( 360.41 kcal/g ) and Macia 360.33 kcal/g... Lines [ 28, 29 ] because of the Science of food and Agriculture, 12 ( 2 ),. Until pure colorless solution was observed in Melkam varieties ( 112.554 mg/100 g ) 0.0312.. Topics included on-farm storage, maximizing economic yield through fertility and managing and.

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