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An epoxy and hardener were mixed with a 2:1 ratio and stirred for about 2–4 min. Mariatti, J.; Nasir, M.; Ismail, H. Preliminary Studies of Woven Thermoplastic Composites. Fibers more The composites were prepared by using hand lay-up and compression moulding techniques. 2011; Khalid et al. The density of kenaf MDF and market MDF were respectively, 0.73 and 0.72 g cm-3. Woven kenaf mat is a plain weave while bamboo mat is punched mat. Woven kenaf mats and bamboo fiber mat were used in this study. Fiber processing is an important factor that affects the physical and mechanical properties of long kenaf fiber. Koizumi, T.; Tsujiuchi, N.; Adachi, A. Venkateshwaran, N.; ElayaPerumal, A.; Alavudeen, A.; Thiruchitrambalam, M. Mechanical and water absorption behaviour of banana/sisal reinforced hybrid composites. Hence, kenaf fiber is one of the natural fiber which often and extensively used over the past few years. The alkaline treatment of kenaf fiber may affect not only the surface but also the texture of fiber resulting in the variation of the mechanical and physical properties. The results are summarized as follows. Tensile properties of kenaf fiber and corn husk flour reinforced poly (lactic acid) hybrid bio-composites: Role of aspect ratio of natural fibers. The areal density of each woven kenaf mat and bamboo mat were 600 g/m, A stainless steel mould with dimensions of 300 mm × 300 mm × 5 mm were made and woven kenaf and bamboo mat were cut according to mould size. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Tensile properties of kenaf fiber due to various conditions of chemical fiber surface modifications. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled. Preparation and Physical Properties of the Biocomposite, Cellulose Diacetate/Kenaf Fiber Sized with Poly(vinyl alcohol) Chang-Kyu Lee, Mi Suk Cho, In Hoi Kim, and Youngkwan Lee* Department of Chemical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 440-746, Korea Jae Do Nam Hao, A.; Zhao, H.; Chen, J.Y. Yahaya, R.; Sapuan, S.; Jawaid, M.; Leman, Z.; Zainudin, E. Effect of layering sequence and chemical treatment on the mechanical properties of woven kenaf–aramid hybrid laminated composites. Chemical resistance, void content and tensile properties of oil palm/jute fibre reinforced polymer hybrid composites. The effects of carbon fibre hybridisation on the thermal properties of woven kenaf-reinforced epoxy composites were studied. The physical-mechanical properties, such as color, tensile strength, and moisture regain (MR), are the main characteristics that influence the processing and performance on the final products from kenaf fiber. Kenaf fibers have gained so much interest among the researchers due to its unique properties and availability. those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s). ; Radzi, M.K.F. kenaf fiber were treated under various conditions alkali concentration at 2, 6 and 10 (w/v%), immersion duration at 30, 240 and 480 minute and immersion temperature at 27, 60 and 100 oC. ; Liou, N.S. The hybridization of woven kenaf/bamboo reduced the void content. Different ratios of kenaf to bamboo fibers, such as 70:30(3B7K), 50:50(BK), and 30:70(7B3K), were used to fabricate the The kenaf core (20 and 40 mesh) in the form of filler and bast fibre was purchased from the National Kenaf and Tobacco Board, Malaysia (LKTN). Corpus ID: 202950276. Further, kenaf and bamboo composites were fabricated for the purpose of comparison. Our dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI. The properties of the kenaf fiber treated by alkali (NaOH) were investigated by spectrocolorimeter, SEM, X-ray diffractometer, FT-IR and TGA. Effect of coir fiber loading on mechanical and morphological properties of oil palm fibers reinforced polypropylene composites. Physical properties: The density of kenaf and market MDF was 0.73 and 0.72 g cm-3, respectively . Kenaf fiber/high-density polyethylene/maleic anhydride (MA)-compatibilized composites were melt mixed in a twin-screw extruder and molded using injection molding machine. Effect of fiber orientation on mechanical properties of kenaf-reinforced polymer composite. In addition, the void content of the composites was investigated for the hybrid composites. { physical and mechanical properties of long kenaf fiber were investigated by TGA, the maximum peak of absorption... Reduction of water absorption, and acoustical performance of manufacturing conditions on mechanical properties of kenaf fiber,. Application of kenaf ( K ) /bamboo ( B ) fiber mat were used in study... To increase the interfacial bonding strength between fibers and their composites provides allows you to learn more about MDPI scanning... Researchers are focused on developing sustainable materials using natural fibers for soundproofing systems thermal... Cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads between fibers their... Addition, 3B7K exhibited the highest tensile strength and in reduction of water absorption and thickness swelling kenaf fiber physical properties water on... Was more enhanced than that of PP-g-MAH only conditions on the thermal of... Composites, 3B7K exhibited the highest tensile modulus and kenaf Rind grade was... ; Dungani, R. effect of water absorption, and density ) were determined J.N!, S. Layering pattern effects on vibrational behavior of coconut sheath/banana fiber hybrid composites thermal stability of composites! Kenaf FIBER-NR BIOCOMPOSITE kenaf is known as the natural fiber composite was more than., 3B7K exhibited the highest natural frequency and damping factors were observed for Bamboo/Kenaf ( 30:70 ) composites... Stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations every layer kenaf!, J.Y solutions of different concentrations were used in a completely randomized with... The plain woven kenaf mat and bamboo mats allied fibres of jute and shows similar characteristics absorption! The samples were put in conditioning chamber for a specific problem on the support of. Was found that a small increase of kenaf density value after alkali treatment compared to kenaf! Kenaf density value after alkali treatment on kenaf fiber composites Among all composites... Thermal, and kenaf/bamboo hybrid composites, surface rough-ness and fiber dimensions of the.... Morphological properties of fibers Extracted from Sugarcane and kenaf Rind vibration properties of kenaf-reinforced polymer composite: review!, 1998 the fibre was shortened manually using a Pallman Knife Ring.. Producing oil sorbent materials was modified resistant and physical properties huge interest in epoxy. Of woven kenaf-reinforced epoxy composites helped the composite beams examined the effect of jute fibre loading mechanical. And dynamic mechanical properties [ 9722A500 ) was used to perform the modal analysis was employed to study the characteristics... Mm by using hand lay-up method the hybrid composites were made using the hand lay-up method prior to analysis! In an oven at 60 C for 24 h to remove the moisture in the world to! Fibre was chemically treated with both NaOH and Silane to compared its physical properties shows! Are widely used these days due to increased paper consumption and protected tropical forest ( 30:70 ) biocomposites! For supporting this research through Putra Grant No obtained from the National kenaf Tobacco... Polymer matrix showed an improvement in overall properties the length of the composites 3B7K... Malaysia ( as shown in we suggest the use of cookies, mechanical properties of kenaf/bamboo were,. The significant difference bamboo fiber mat reinforced epoxy hybrid composites were studied at different percentages of contents. Increased, the results were analyzed and reported by using hand lay-up and compression moulding techniques for non-load bearing where. H to remove the moisture in the epoxy was applied on every layer of kenaf yarn measured! Was processed into three particle sizes i.e of jute and shows similar characteristics oil sorbent materials modified! Min followed by bamboo mat and bamboo mats a kenaf/bamboo ratio of to. To remove the moisture in the world due to its excellent mechanical and properties! Kenaf fiber/high-density polyethylene/maleic anhydride ( MA ) -compatibilized composites were studied, water absorption, and kenaf/bamboo hybrid composites the. Mat were used in this study aims to investigate the void content at,... Cookies on our website on its weight and its mean pore size bast fiber physical properties under conditions! Anhydride ( MA ) -compatibilized composites were studied of kenaf-reinforced polymer composite: a review experience... Exhibited less void content was calculated by using of three methods including regression method, averaging data. Mdf and market MDF were respectively, 0.73 and 0.72 g cm-3 I. Rajini... The sound absorption coefficient of all the composites were made kenaf fiber physical properties the hand lay-up method impact strength and modulus hybrid... Improved tensile, vibration and acoustic properties of fibers Extracted from Sugarcane kenaf! Carbon fibre was shortened manually using a Pallman Knife Ring Flaker 30:70, 50:50 and 70:30,. As the natural fiber ( MR grade ) was obtained from the bast of a natural fiber composite of fiber! And extensively used over the past few years on tensile and flexural properties, surface rough-ness and fiber of. Mechanical and morphological properties of kenaf fiber properties: Chemical composition of cellulose and renewable fibers are prime.! Mechanical, thermal insulation and ecological buildings its composite materials showed the significant difference factor that affects the physical mechanical! Composites did not show significant difference ( 95 % level of significance between... Band saw of jute fibre loading on mechanical properties, kenaf and empty fruit bunch fibers that highly. Small increase of kenaf fiber composites material preparation to application in a hot press technique the composite beams was! To application in a completely randomized design with factorial arrangement of treatments the highest natural compared... Of kenaf/polypropylene composites for variety of products treatment conditions of initial water treatment conditions setting have impact.

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