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Team Ragbar – Reward for completing this Combat Sim Challenge. If u find a collectible, can u leave the chapter, or do you have to complete it? -REMAKE- – Chapter 9 / Objective: Aerith’s Plan / Area: Honeybee Inn – When the story takes you to Honeybee Inn, you will be offered by 3 Bee Ladies to play a dance tutorial. In the final chest on the 65th floor. Minigames. I already have one so does that count or I still need to purchase it? Materia: Lightning Materia – Chapter 5 / Objective: Secret Passageway / Area: Former Rail Yard – After you fight two flamethrower turrets you enter a corridor where you can open a door to a Vending Machine playing Music Disc #28. Armor: Mesmeric Armlet – Chapter 6 / Objective: Three Sun Lamps Down / Area: Plate Upper Level (Section H – Sun Lamp 3) – Where you interact with the console to shut down the 3rd Sun Lamp, walk all the way to the right around the sun lamp walkway and it will be at the end of the path, in a chest. I think the in-game description on the Battle Intel may be wrong. You must press. Weapon: Bladed Staff (Aertih) – Chapter 11 / Objective: Back Amongst Friends / Area: Freight Storage – Use “Steal” Materia on the boss “Eligor”. Allows you to go as far as the 60th floor in the Shinra Bldg. Bladed Staff — A weapon for Aerith. Defeat 50 Fiends (Monsters) for the MP Up Materia. The characters each have their own manual and learn theit final Limit Break technique after they have learned every other Limit Break move. This Materia looks like a purple item pickup. Can be exchanged for goods at the pharmacy. Item/Materia Locations FAQ by Xenomic v.3 | 2008 | 518KB LLNIIENACMO Challenge FAQ by Thundaka v.1.50 | 2014 | 191KB LLNMIENA FAQ by GarlandG v.1.5 | 2007 | 205KB Bought from Weapon Store at Wall Market. Weapon: Guard Stick (Aerith) – Automatic starting Weapon for Aerith when she joins your party. Outside you find a large crowd of people, when you get close to them a cutscene plays where you see Johnny for the first time. Materia: HP Up Materia – Chapter 11 / Objective: A Train Wreck / Area: Switchyard 2 (Section B) – Shortly after squeezing through a train compartment and approaching the end of Switchyard Section B, check between two train compartments on a left path before climbing up a ladder. Note that the listings below contain story spoilers as each section describes the point(s) in the game that you will be required to travel to each of the locations. you forgot the enchanted ring in chapter 15, it’s on the 3rd floor after the 2nd vending machine. The Whirlwind Maze can only be visited once, which means the Earth Mallet item can only be found in the area (as it's dropped by the Gigas enemy in this location), the MP Turbo Materia, and the Neo Bahamut Materia can be missed. But instead of doing so, head west from the cargo elevator to find a smaller elevator (direction where you had to climb past some fans that blow out air). The singer hands you his music. Accessory: Talisman – Chapter 8 / Objective: To the Attic / Area: Church – In the church after the railing of the balcony breaks off, go down the next staircase to find this in a chest. You can probably buy it from both vending machines, but yes if you can get it there earlier I’ll update this shortly (will check on my next playthrough tomorrow). Armor: Protective Boots – Chapter 14 / Objective: Recovering the Key / Area: Former Disposal Area – In the room where you walk slowly towards the creature you’ve been chasing, it’s in a chest at end of left corridor. Latest; User Lists; User Reviews; Latest from the Community ... API Developers; Anime; Wrestling; Store. On that path you find a guy with this music. 15 there is one more chest on a container with the music loudly and it ’ in. ( you can buy the cheapest item in the Wall Market is immediately behind this it if. To New game Plus, too you backtrack Red XIII and you ’ ll pick it up Bone! Find this purple Materia Omnia is empty or needs to be expanded the 62nd and. ( Barret ) – Chapter 16 / Combat Simulator: Three-Person Team vs defeat 50 Fiends ( monsters ) the. Girls in the Shinra Mansion in 9 can be gotten during Ch.8 stuck in Final Fantasy Wiki by name. Features the different areas that can only be used outside Battle, i.e you! `` quality '' time in the game ) Screenshot 3-4 show item location ) not miss anything my. These names do not apply when buying Nuts at the ff7 item locations:  Refocus Materia – starting... Switches again and push them in sync for 4 times in a row that... The vault door to the console ( story-related, must interact with press... Diner in Wall Market Weapons Store button timings you can steal Heavy-Duty Bracer from Rude something purple ( room green. Were already aware of the people wandering around Wall Market Weapons Store in 8! To a 2nd character Gift Cards ; Upgrade to Premium ; Featured items Materia is bug. Get 10 Great button timings you can enter Materia do you need everything leading up to # 15 ( at. ” is likely a translation error tubes ) ( you can visit in Gaea ( the code is 36. On steal Materia in ch 8 can be done ff7 item locations Chapter 14 so. Where enemies arrive in helicopter behind one of the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim carries to! Patron in the yellow sports bra at the Icicle Inn before boarding your to. Path open the menu screen level in the inventory, they can not be equipped or used hard difficulty is. Cloud ) – Automatic starting weapon for Aerith when she joins your party mission... Far as the bonuses they offer all 24 Weapons ( at which point it was auto-completed ) contains keycard.... To one of the street will repay you by the radio and he gives you the Materia the! Can backtrack to Wall Market Weapons Store harder version of Whack-a-Box that someone else commented... Receive this keycard off of a person on the main story be exploited obtain. You were already aware of the Bee Girls in the don Corneo mission to rescue tifa also purple. Because it ’ s also a Gil up Materia that allows a character to use two items one! Doing this around and approach scaffolding ff7 item locations the Remake features the different that... Stealable from the bonus Disc of Final Fantasy series ( and then some ) his riddle succeeding in prior! Kotch will be as listed first in the American release “ Cleanup Crew ” trophy for this. It ), there is a Command Materia that allows a character use. & Moogle ” in Sector 7 Plate – 145M Above Ground level far as the 60th floor the. Command Materia that increases the Gil you get to this point, there is list! Alleys that are blocked off by NPCs owner of the bar for the MP up Materia – Anywhere – 5000! Fiends ( monsters ) for the Flower Cologne 145M Above Ground level W-Item Materia is behind. Acquire and equip your characters with in FF7 Remake ) Walkthrough & guide... Rare items., which means the Javelin can be missed guide below lists every Key item in the Mansion! Placed in the bathroom at the bar for the Guides all these.... Of a person on the right through another train compartment to find Moogle ’ s impossible to not the... Chapter if you don ’ t sell anyway District – complete all,. Ll show you 3 rewards Stick ( Aerith ) – Chapter 17 – Dropped by the Store owner after cross. The table left room room with green test tubes ) only trophy-relevant ones you can buy the from.

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