how to cut cinder block caps

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Secure the Wall Caps in place with a bead of flexible concrete adhesive along both sides of the Repeat these steps for each cap needed to close the gaps. Once the mortar dries, there will usually be some mortar that falls on the side of the wall or on the face of the capping block or stone. 1. Adhesives tend to shy away from porous materials like cinder block. Cutting hollow concrete block—first, score the line. Begin placing the capping blocks or stones on top of the retaining wall. You should choose a block or stones that complement the appearance of the retaining wall and protects the interior of the wall from moisture and water damage. Installing cap blocks or stones on a retaining wall requires some labor, but it is not difficult to do. Step 2 Place the concrete block on the platform beneath the cutting blade, and arrange the block so that the blade will slice it where you want the cut made.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent I am wanting to start building a raised retaining wall patio project, but i... Is it ok to bury the old wooden retaining wall? Cutting Caps for Corners (Optional) Step 1: Mark and Cut Caps Measure the gap and mark the distance on the other end of the cap. Once all the caps are installed, secure them in place with a bead of masonry adhesive on both sides of the raised rings. Made of high quality concrete, this block is constructed to maintain long lasting strength. Remove the center cap and cut along the marks. A wall cap can also help protect cinder block retaining walls by preventing too much moisture from entering the wall cavity. I want to redo my retaining wall at the back yard. Fence post next to concrete retaining wall. Place a chisel on the chalk line and tap the handle with a hammer to score the block. When constructing a block retaining wall, it's often necessary to install filler blocks and create uniform vertical lines at the ends of the wall. H (130 mm)12 in. Step 2: Place Caps This versatile block is great for many different construction or landscaping projects. Secure them in place with a bead of flexible concrete adhesive on the top course of blocks along both sides of the raised rings and along the side of each Wall Cap. To transistion back to a straight wall, simply alternate the direction of the Wall Cap. Using a tape measure and straight edge, mark the cut line on two cap blocks as shown. The AB Fence Cap offers a great way to finish straight courtyard wall panel sections. Step 3 When capping a standard curve, simply place the long end of the Wall Caps facing the outside of the curve. Continue stacking additional caps out from the corner. Contractor Resources | Dealer Login | Designer Resources | AB GO. We welcome your comments and suggestions. When constructing corners or a unique project, a cinder block may need to be halved. There is an average of 1 end cap for every 4 standard caps when offered by the local manufacturer - check for availability. Lift the chisel … Concrete bond adhesive will allow the mortar you add later to secure the capping blocks or stones to better bond with the top surface of the retaining wall. Here are all the caps cut and dry fitted in place. If you do offset the blocks, make sure that the offset is aligned as well. Slow and steady wins the race here. x 16 in. A wall cap can also help protect cinder block retaining walls by preventing too much moisture from entering the wall cavity. For best results, start capping the wall at the curve and center the Wall Cap over two AB York blocks. The Courtyard Collections panels and posts can be finished using our standard Wall and Post caps as well as other products like natural stone, This will allow the cap to be placed with no modification needed. Available selection of precision concrete block shapes, sizes, and configurations. W (300 mm)18 in. Before you set a block or stone, spread a layer of mortar that is about ½ inch thick along the top surface of the retaining wall.

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