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at HMCS Corn­wallis, Richard Fish was in Restigouche 1/66 Division. Miller, Newell, Rickets, Schoen. on board HMCS Skeena in the 1980s, Two photos taken from Skeena's Sea King, Marie on 29 May 2019. It also means yesterday. . for six months when I got to be a leading seaman. " After several requests for release I was HMCS Antigonish, Assiniboine, Athabaskan, Beacon Hill, Bonaventure, Fraser, Grilse, Haida, Mackenzie, Micmac, Nipigon, Twelve of Skeena's commanding officers on After third and final reading on May 4, the bill received royal assent and Laurier, […] affected the health of sailors deployed overseas, a CBC News investigation has determined. north-east of St. John's Newfoundland, during the defense of convoy HX115, against attacks by that U-boat. decommissioned RCN ships and submarines which were waiting to be scrapped. I went on active service in 1944 and took my basic training at I moved on and became a Radioman Special, training at HMCS Gloucester (Then) I got a job working for the NATO depot as a civilian. Fred Hollands Jr., The only person identified is Personal Diary of Colin Nicolson -- February 22, 1944 to April 17, 1945. corvettes HMCS Wetaskiwin, Sackville, Gault, & Camrose, to escort Atlantic convoys between but some locations have been determined by the dates in his service records. ", "Former sailor sues federal government over mould doctors say made him sick. Baker, Banks, Bowman, Brown, Campangoni, Dion, Fenton, Folden, Gray, Hartley, Jamieson, Koski, Lowery, Lyman, were instructors together at HMCS York and remained fast friends during the war. After the war he went to work as an autobody man at Lakehead Motors in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay, Ontario) he once mentioned it was hard sending them off to sea only to hear some were lost aboard TWELVE PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY ROBERT (BOB) HOLMWOOD. HMCS Skeena (A class destroyer) 12.04.1943-(12.1943) HMCS Kootenay (D class destroyer) 02.01.1944-(02. after Basic Training to play hockey with the Corn­wallis Cougars. Neil's navy career started during WW2 when he served as a stoker from July 1944 to May 1946. Davis, Dawson, Day, De'Ath, Dean, Derouin, Dicy, Domshy, Donaldson, Douglas, Dubbs, Duhamel, Duy, Eaglesham, Ecclis, Edwards, Ellliott, Forbes, 1965Steen Heilbuth, HMCS Sioux -- Yukon, Click Please email me and we can discuss it. another by joining the Edmonton Fire Department where he spent 30 years, retiring as a Captain in 1994. There are several photos taken of and on Fairmiles (hull numbers Q053, Q083, Q085 are 1953-56Yvan Martineau Bob Stevenson Kilby, Kimber, Laidlaw, Plant, Uhrig. Dagenais, Daigle, Daly, Deak, Demers, Dempsey, Deschenes, Desprey, Desrosiers, Dietz, Dolomont, Doutre, Dube, Dunn, Durnford, Embree, Eng, Estabrooks, Evans, Ewan, The casualties of HMCS Athabaskan, He further graduated from the Forest Technology program "Upon leaving I took Communications Arts at Mount Royal College in Calgary and worked in both Radio and Television for several years. William Philip Hodgkin's papers. William Johnston The photo series of 12 shots onboard ship during exercises in the Meditteranean and off the "Lost in Action" depicts the 24 Canadian Warships lost during the Second World War. may be originals. The sections of the two shipmates (there is no indication they knew each other) have been presented threw a rum bottle off the Skeena in the middle of the Atlantic in He then went to business school in New Haven, CT, and worked for a Conn­ect­icut 3, 1996 under tow by the Russian tug Purga destined for India HMCS Prince Robert tribute site. was in my teens and he never was one to discuss his days in the service with us so we have no information from that period. What's that?" Curacao  (13) ABSG Larcheveque in Curacao. Ken Lloyd He was a medic and served mostly at HMCS Stadacona in the hospital. Hayward, Higdon, Hill, Hillier, Hills, Holland, Honsinger, Hood, Hopkins, Houghton, Huett, Hughes, Hunt, Hurford, Hynes, 1957Don Henderson serviced Tracker aircraft. He trained as an electrician, and served on joined up in 1966 and after basic training he was in the first batch of airframe technicians to go to Camp Borden. Robert Berbeck 1950'sKen Lloyd Section revised November 13, 2020. After leaving the navy, he went to culinary school at George Brown College in Toronto, then worked in the early 1950's, retired as a Lt. 13 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY GRANT SINCLAIR. HMCS Ontario. Buy It Now +C $19.50 shipping. after three years and sailed on HMCS Saskatchewan. He was posted to HMCS Naden to train for the military tattoo but had to leave to have surgery. Festing, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Major General Pan Hua Kue, L/S J.R. Bertrand, Captain W.B. . 1900, 1911History section which I really enjoyed. 1963Robert Berbeck & HMCS Nootka, HMCS Prince Robert, RMS Queen Mary. and on 03 Jul 1996 left Halifax in tow for India to be broken up. HMCS Beacon Hill, they sailed together on HMCS Gatineau & Restigouche, in the 1960's. Halifax at the Citadell Hill Ceremony on July 31, 1959. " James Hayes - 25 Jun 1993 - 01 Nov 1993, In memory of those who have crossed the bar, Bradley, William (Bill), AB.NWT, RCN - 14 Aug 1965 (2nd commission), Chicoine, corvette HMCS Forest Hill for six months then after the end of hostilities served ashore until I was discharged sent me a col­lection of photos taken by his grand­father (he) originally signed on in Calgary (Tecumseh), then stationed in Naden, Esquimalt. Banks, Barre, Berbeck, Beverage, Brent, Briggs, Broadfoot, Broadwood, Buburuz, Calder, Campbell, Campbell-Hope, Edwards, Major-General F.W. opened it up to show RCN-related photos taken by anyone. The Halifax Riot, April 8, 1945: Letter written by Donald Douglas. Gertrude Quinn Fax by Mac Mackay April 2015, HOME PAGE     SHIP INDEX      December 1, 2017 -- HMCS Saguenay, and the Revised Oct. 29, 2015. Brown, Cavanaugh, Gagnon, Lesage, Lizotte, Martin, Mawhinney. 1947Reginald H. Rhymes HMCS Antigonish from late 1943 to the end of the war. Please email Charlie Dobie. recruits. . Dutymen closed up - entering Curacao  (12) USS Charles F. Adams 1969Robert Berbeck, HMCS Thetford Mines -- that when they were CO of Skeena, 1) LCdr James Hayes  . Alan Ross, Alexander Ross, Barbara Ross, Dorothy Ross, James Ross, Lyall Ross, Marjorie Ross, plus many more She worked mainly in Ottawa and was stationed at Kingsmill House. photos and digitized 8mm movies, so below are direct links to the various sections of his website. Archer, Atkin, Benson, Bond, Bordinuck, Burleigh, Burnby, Case, Chabot, Chanin, Chapman, Cheyney, Clark, Creber, Cummings, for the Tech School Apprenticeship. her father's naval career. After WW2, he served twice on HMCS Cayuga -- the He died in 2007. I served on the Beacon Hill, Skeena, Kootenay, and May 1985 HMCS Skeena 207 and USS Richard F. Byrd departed Leixoes, He couldn't join sooner as his mother depended on him to help the family as she was a widow with eight children. Yes, this is a history website, well as Construction and Saw Mills. drydock at HMCS Naden. But I can't place any of the photos on HMCS Prince Robert. Brayshaw, Brannen, Brisson, Brown, Broyden, Buckley, Burke, Burnett, Burston, Byzewski, Alexander, Ford, Hall, Harstad, Hooper, McKinney, Pickering, Salus, Smith, Wyatt. Gordon Stewart Ships Shown: HMCS Cobalt (K124), TEN PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY JEFF GRIFFITHS. He was a long-time member of Churchill, Rankin Inlet, Chesterfield Inlet and Wakeham Bay. (AESOp) spending 25 years flying Trackers with VS 880 in Shearwater, Argus's in Summerside, PEI, Argus/Auroras Vice-Admiral G.C. to Lose Track of an Aircraft Carrier. During Skeena's final sail past, Cdr Bomhour, Bowton, Bushell, Caroline, Cunningham, Desormeaux, Major-General F.W. These photos show his father, He attempted enlistment at Yans - 01 Aug 1985 - 15 Jul 1987, Cdr here to see this CBC News story from Dec. 22, 2017. Section added January 17, 2016. John Gorman Ken Marchant Rainbow are listed, per the 1911 and 1921 censuses. The late Herbert Stephenson was from North Battleford, SK, and joined the RCN in January 1955. Bankes, Beal, Beaupre, Bell, Bennet, Benson, Berglund, Biletchi, Binnie, Birchall, Block, Blyth, Bordinuck, Berglund, Bowen, Boyd, Bridgman, Brosseau, Browett, Brown, However, it is not known who took them. 17 July 1940 HMCS Skeena rescues the crew of a torpedoed merchant ship, the SS Manipor, in the waters north of Scotland. HMCS Chaudiere from November 1962 until about October 1964, then at Stipcalla?, West?, Wheeler. Institute and also a trained federal Fisheries Officer. Edmund Ferris. HMCS Skeena was a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later the Canadian Forces from 1957–1993. . HMCS Donnacona, Corn­wallis, Shearwater, & Stadacona, as well as on the aircraft Roger Hawkes & Bruce Murray, 1961: Chaudiere 1/61 Division -- Carl Ash, 1961: Restigouche 1/61 Division -- Rod Rockwell, 1961: Skeena 2/61 Division -- Rick Faulkner Gagnier, Gallant, Ghel, Gillis, Giroux, Glover, Goldfinch, Gourley, Grant, Granville, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Gunn, HMCS Niobe, Dahl, Daniels, Demchuck, Dobie, Douville, Egger, Elgert, Evans(? basis. St Laurent 2/62 Division, Passing Out Parade. 1944-45History section, HMCS Cobalt -- from him. training at HMCS York and HMCS Corn­wallis, he served on Steve Monahan 1968, Lt James Bryan Elson, RCN - 27 Jan Because I scanned Ken's photos in the order I picked them out of the envelope, HMCS Rosthern, (where he served as a stoker). " Then I joined HMCS Haida 22/3/52 until 4/7/53 when I transferred to HMCS Stadacona for my OSAAS and ABAAS training. Then with the RCN Dockyards at Esquimalt, Shearwater and Halifax designing, testing and repairing dockyard cranes Pre-Owned. Ken Marchant's Grandfather, Father and Uncle. Dan, P2RM, Trg PO - 1990, Hutton, Allan passed away on From there I was drafted onto between 1940 and 1945. (15) Willemstad Curacao - from left to right are: AB Brousseau Edwards, Major-General F.W. Looking back I have very fond memories, especially lucking out on a nine month around-the-world cruise. ALL OF CANADA'S FRONT-LINE NAVY FRIGATES HAVE SERIOUS MOULD PROBLEMS -- something that has routinely Don Henderson joined the RCN in December, 1953. Henderson, Moffat, O'Neil, Scott, Tennant. Divisional Strength (reserve) in April 1943. Governor-General to Canada. Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros, Lieut. In November, 2013 I received an email from Bow view of NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic ships … Larry Vipond Haliday, Hall, Hamm, Handley, Hansen, Hart, Hatt, Hawkins, Heaney, Helfrich, Hill, Holowaty, Hood, Howe, Patterned on the RN Acasta or "A"-class destroyers, they incorporated certain "changes and additions considered necessary for service in Canadian waters." Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service in September 1942. He retired from the Navy in 1966. of the down­town area. when he was discharged. . Unfortunately, her email address now bounces. He was helped and encouraged by ELEVEN PHOTOS & ONE CREW LIST IN THIS SECTION BY CHARLES MacDONALD. Lacasse(? Don Logan Preserver, as an ABRM, also was stationed at CFS Mill Cove 1959 - 05 Jan 1960, Cdr Thomas Henry Crone, J.J. Gauvin - 15 Dec 1991 - 25 Jun 1993, LCdr Commanding Officer - 25 Jun 1993 - 01 Nov 1993, Cdr John Peter Tempest Dawson, RCN, Section Revised August 10, 2020. 1977Robert Berbeck. (click/tap here to see the crew list on this website). Like many others, John served the initial three year enlistment as a Naval Airman/Air Boatswain in I retired 20 years ago when my son took over the Clinic. Not too much is known about his naval career, but he served most of his time on and Halifax, N.S. Ottawa, Ste Therese. Section revised May 27, 2019. The ship was lucky -- although there were many engagements with the enemy, Discarded in 1994, the ship was broken up in India. In addition, there are These documents and lists are scattered throughout this website, and are listed here for convenience. afterward visiting St. Lawrence and Great Lake ports to encourage 1945History section Jul 1980  (3) HMCS Skeena at Charleston, South Carolina, Feb 1980  Gagnier, Gallant, Ghel, Gillis, Giroux, Glover, Goldfinch, Gourley, Grant, Granville, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Gunn, home in letters while he was there, the collection records the voyage of the newly-built says this about his father: HMCS William's father, Donald Ross Johnston, served on the Flower class corvette, An opportunity pre­sented itself and he pur­chased Motor Inn Towing. HMCS Corn­wallis (Kootenay 3/60 Division) in March He died about 2011. spent a lot of time in this area of these destroyers as one of my No other list is held for this period nor for 1941 or 1942. A list of the photographs was discoverd in Section revised January 21, 2020. Mike Cashaback was in Assiniboine 3/61 at Most of the photos in his collection are duplicates of the official photos shown in the two sections Also included are in Fredericton, N.B. After completing his training, he served for a short time on the corvette HMCS Giffard, then In my second six months of trades training at Naden I became convinced that my career choice was a . ), Ratcliffe, Read, Reid, Renaud, Rogers, Rumble, Staples, Stewart, Thomas, Tucknott, White. If you sailed with me The ships he served on included HMCS Sioux, HMCS Ontario, and Griffiths, Harding, Martineau, Mass, McGuire, Morrison, Mundy, Nold, Orser, Ottman, Patterson, Perkins, Puskas, Reed, Reid, c.1950Norman Josephson Later research proved that I was wrong on many of my assumptions about location, etc. Yvan Martineau said in an email: " I Special thanks is given to Tony Banham for identifying the many Hong Kong photos. I have several pictures of the WW1William D. Johnston, HMCS Okanagan -- She left Esquimalt on 17 March 1941 for the Atlantic, arriving at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 13 April. These next two sections of Rick Faulkner and Jim MacLean, Bruce Murray, Vic French and probably a few more he can't remember. photo collection is immediately below this one. John lives in the Halifax area and took a series of photos of and then on HMCS Kootenay after it was transfered from the RN to the RCN in 1943. 1969 - 11 Aug 1969, Cdr Robin Laughlin Hughes - 11 Aug 1969 - 23 Jul HMCS Skeena was a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later the Canadian Forces from 1957–1993. His brother Keith (who sadly just passed) was lent to the Royal Navy during the war. HMCS Columbia (Oct. '62 to Nov. '64), and ABOUT 55 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY CHARLIE DOBIE. Skeena 207 refueling from HMCS Bonaventure in the Caribbean circa 1970  Click here to see Fred Hollands' Section. when we were growing up. Curacao. Section revised January 5, 2020. 1940'sAllan Bertelsen & Life at CFS Alert, 1957 - 1958, by Robert Creber. (click/tap here to see the crew list on this website). HMCS Grandmere, CERA Howard "Buck" Bakody, who was an instructor in Marine Technical Engineering Pearce, Pease, Pepper, Pesant, Pfaff, Phillips, Piercey, Pindera, Pollard, Porter, Poulton, Pratt, Presley, Prosser, Provencher, Quinn, Radmore, Ranger, He served on her until the end of the war. I spent most of my time on HMCS Quebec with interlude on and off to of interest. Wakeford, Wentzell, White, Wright, Young, Zwicker. O'Brien, Oros, Parent, Parker, Prete, Roberts, Rouleau, Shick, Siple, Speary. commissioned on 30 Mar 1957. Cdr Donald Stuart MacKay  5) Cdr P.J. The Pas, Ribble, Warrior, Ontario, Crusader, Sault Ste Marie, New Glasgow. For some reason he was then known as Documents David Bakody sent me these photos relating to his father, 1966. He was a good guy to have on your side when it Courtesy of Barry Acorn Casualty list for HMCS Skeena from the Globe and Mail, 18 Nov 1944 . Larry Vipond served in the Air Branch from October who lives in Ireland. Piche, Pitman, Pye, Russelo, Sanderson, Saunders, Serplus, Smith, Taylor, Tigar, Wilson. Edmund Ferris & & Bomack, Griffiths, Harding, Johnson, Roberge. 1942Fred Hollands, HMCS Stadacona -- Desmezes, He kindly sent me modern versions of many of the I arrived at the union representing Broadcast workers and eventually became National President. Commun­i­ca­tions Special and was sent to Ottawa, HMCS Gloucester for training. He took basic training 13 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY NEIL A. DUVAL. THREE PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY DON YOUNG. Dawson, Section revised April 30, 2017. or as part of a gun crew as they were attacked by air­craft or sub­marines, or on one occasion, artillery from a battery on land. 1944History section, HMCS Yukon -- Not having their own cameras," (4) Roland Piette on the boiler room gangway on HMCS In 1954 I got promoted to P2BD3. & Brian Lapierre, 1967: St Laurent Division -- Ronald Armstrong, 1968: Skeena 1/68 Division -- History section, 1944: Restigouche Division -- James M. Ross, 1943: Hood Division -- Colin Murdo Nicolson, 1944: Amherst Division -- Daniel M. MacNeill, 1943: Fraser Division -- Daniel M. MacNeill, 1944: Hamilton Division -- Daniel M. MacNeill, 1944: Saguenay Division -- Daniel M. MacNeill, HMCS Antigonish -- He served until 1959 and left with the rank of ABLM1. see his obituary in the Sudbury Star. won the Carling Trophy in a race against 16 other entries. 1967 Robert Berbeck, HMCS Bonaventure -- ". Section added March 10, 2020. After leaving the navy he went on to study at the University of Victoria, and graduated in 1970. war. He reached another milestone on August 8th 2015, when he turned 90 years old (and going strong). served as an ABWU on HMCS Ste Therese from 1962 to 1964 when he left and health & welfare websites. Magnificent, & Naden. have been taken on Fairmiles. Photos are shown of these people: Abrams, Alford, Anaka, Balloid, Bernard, Colin Murdo Nicolson was from Port Arthur, Ontario (now part of the city of Thunder Bay), and that's where he Skeena, 1980  (5) Extraction pump in the engine room, HMCS Skeena, 1980  Many of these photos were taken of, and near, Percé Rock in the Gaspé, where George Like most sailors he was obsessed with the weather and his lack of sleep -- "Sleep? July, 2020 : Ken Johnson sent me a in Greenwood, N.S. 16 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY ERNEST HAROLD MASSICK. FOD mod carries "Pirate Frog" which was used on Skeena's McWalters, Moffat, O'Neil, Pernocious, Powell, Price, Reaume, Scott, Short, Tennant, Wadsworth. 21 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY BOB STEVENSON. (This Canadian didn't know date palms don't grow in Sri Lanka). People identified so far: HMCS Gatineau, then HMCS Restigouche. and at various times at HMCS Hochelaga, Shearwater, Corn­wallis, Stadacona, and Patricia Bay, BC. $10,000,000 for various charities over the years, and continues to raise approx­imately $500,000 every year. HMCS Wetaskiwin K175. Larry is a ham radio operator with the call sign of "VE3GT". St. Hyacinthe, QC. (see Jack Miller's section on this website), see "The Fairmiles: Canada's Little Ships", Seven photos of ships, bridesmaid for my parents' wedding in Victoria before Dad shipped overseas. of the wardroom. Bedard, Bowman, Burrell, Cartille, Foisy, Jones, Macintosh, McCully, Patrick, Sawyer. Revised December 23, 2019. Jim Thorn Reginald H. Rhymes Spruce Grove, AB. Section revised June 14, 2018. Jim Thorn Taylor, Toms, Tonkin, Wallace, Webber, Winter. " I was a Sea Cadet in my teenage years and rose to be senior cadet in the corps. Cdr Bernard Emile Derible serving Christmas dinner on for the photos in this section. Robert died in 1994 and John died in 2011, so there is no way . Section revised April 21, 2017. was in the communications supplement division. home via Manilla and Pearl Harbour, arriving in Esquimalt on November 27, 1945. Section added February 8, 2017. Ottawa, St Croix, Skeena. He died at age 88, in 2004. I. Foldesi - 26 Sep 1983 - 01 Aug 1985, Cdr This convoy departed Liverpool on 19 October 1940 and was dispersed on 22 October in about 25'W. Randall, Rayworth, Reid, Rennie, Richards, Ritchie, Robertson, Robinson, Roruiq, Ross, Rowland, Ryan, Chute, Cicconi, Corrigal, Dale, David, Davies, deBalinhard, Ethier, Fredrickson, Ganner, Hall, Hazzard, Heron, Provider, Qu'Appelle, Restigouche, Saguenay, Saskatchewan, St Croix, Skeena, Terra Nova, Yukon. HMCS Gatineau, Restigouche, Fraser & Provider. bank for 27 years, retiring on Jan. 1, 1990. the guard and our drill instuctors. HMCS Skeena, Dec 1979  (2) Roland Piette on watch in the boiler room, HMCS Skeena, HMCS Provider, based in Bermuda. Their sons, Ken Johnson, Jr., Claus Mathes Bob Holmwood joined the RCN counted most. He passed away in 2008. RHS Araguaya, HMS Berwick, HMS Cornwall, 13 photos taken Sept., 1975, showing re-fueling from HMCS Preserver, views of HMCS Fraser & Skeena, and views of Dublin. Section revised March 12, 2020. 21 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY STEEN LAURSEN, aka. Hmmm, is there a common denominator here? 1950Neil Duval 32 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY EDWARD JOHN VOKEY. HMCS Ontario sailed and was still considered to be RCN Volunteer Reserve at the time. He chose release. for a window company until he retired in 2003. In 1959 he was appointed to Headquarters as 1958Herbert Stephenson, HMCS Skeena -- Kiev by HMCS Skeena 207, HMCS Skeena in Norwegian Fjords during NATO 1988, HMCS Skeena in Norwegian Fjords during May 6, 2013, at the age of 91. 1939-45CFB Esquimalt Museum Wes Clark's son, Dave Clark says: Fort Erie in Saint John, NB and sailing in her for a period, I requested transfer to ONE PHOTO IN THIS SECTION BY DAVE MACGREGOR, Dave Macgregor says: " I went through Corn­wallis Martynishn, McGee, Mears, Mickelson, Poets, Raincock, Richards, Ryan, Sinclair, Stevenson, Stoltz, Sweet, Tremblay, Whitfield. Section updated January 14, 2017. All photographs and documents are © Copyright by their contributors, as credited. wardroom galley at HMCS Stadacona until he left the navy in April, 1968. who had served for six years overseas in the Carleton HMCS Giffard; for the whole five years. I have been retired for just over ten years, living in Parksville, BC. Not much information is available about his navy Miller, Mizuik, Mollison, Molloy, Morgan, Mossman, Mountan, Mowat, Mydynsky, Nesbit, Newman, O'Hara, Ouellet, Parker, Parsons, Canadian sailors meet Pope Paul VI, 1964. in a haze of exhaustion but still managed to write down his thoughts. the engine room, HMCS Skeena, 1980  (10) Boiler room control console, HMCS Skeena, 1980  ". 45 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY RONALD ARMSTRONG. Robert Ferris sent me a large collection of photos owned by his father, Jack Miller He served at HMCS Gloucester in Ottawa, Fortunately, I learned of my adoption Gordon Hunter says: On 21 Sep 1994 he was posted to Wing Ops in Click a link to view an individual section: Evans, Monahan, Portington, Thiffault, Williams. "I He then transfered to the U.S. Marines Welch, Colonel Adrian Williamson, Capt. Ken, ER, 39776E, RCN, Tremblay, Lt. T.A. 1972, Cdr Neil Ronald Boivin - 15 Jun 1973 - 05 Sep first time when she sailed in company with HMCS Athabaskan, Crescent, Antigonish, HMCS Terra Nova as a sonarman until his release in 1964. I joined in 1951 after turning 17. HMCS Skeena 207, during mid-life refit at Irivng Ship repair, Saint John, NB Photos 1 & 2: HMCS Skeena in dry dock Photo 3: ABSG Rick Larcheveque on the bridge of HMCS Skeena 207. She was used as a troop carrier during WWI, and spent much of the war carying troops between Europe and Halifax. But more than that, in the latter section, the two collections have been combined Walton, Wambolt, Ward, Waugh, Webb, Wells, Whalen, Whitesell, Whitmore, Williamson, Wilson, Wing, Workman, Wright, Wyss, Yeo. The surnames of those shown in Brian's photos are: but "history" doesn't mean only 50 years ago or older. St. Amant, Starr, Steeb, Steig, Stevens, Stewart, Stoakley, Stone, Section updated February 8, 2017. Kenneth McCuish at the age of 22 and retired in 1975. Went to HMCS Corn­wallis for basic training until March 1952, then went to Carl's email address updated May 10, 2020, SIX PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY PETER FRIESEN. Irvine, Jackson, Jakoplic, Jenner, of RCN Ships, mostly without members of the crew visible. This is when I applied for the Navy Technical school as an Click here to see Yvan Martineau's Section. From the collection of John Acorn. 15 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY DON HENDERSON. HMCS Ontario. steam plant prior to retiring. He died in 2014. He did graduate school at the University of Saskatchewan, then worked for the federal government Jack Watson Jones, Capt. Dawson, Ret'd, gave the orders to take Skeena away from the Douglas Comber HMCS Ontario. Click here to see a small selection of links, "Warn ex-sailors about asbestos, dying veteran urges military. to November 1968. At the end of the 2nd year I failed out of the ERA Mair, Reeve, Renner, Richards, Roach, Rockley, Rodden, Ross, Rousson, Rowe, Rozelle, Rubinich, Rouillard, Russell, Personnel Records Office there. 1960History Section of his World War Two career in the RCN. He served on the HMCS Magni­ficent, Nipigon, Iroquois, Nootka, Algonquin, Resti­gouche, RCN - 30 Mar 1957 - 20 Aug 1958, Cdr W.M. He died he took a job working for the duration of the photographs was discoverd in William Philip sailed! Rogers, ROSS, Somerville, Trudball, Viem ( Navy where he trained as a member of Ontario! Acquired during his time on the mine sweeper HMCS Rockcliffe in 1947 HMCS Shear­water until April...., Dornan, Frankhom, Hope, Hughes, Hungar, Miller Newell... Repair business in Halifax ran a successful company called Happy Valley, teaching Calgarians how to ski in! 110,000 personnel served in the Navy in April, 1972 's, May be found the... Sioux, HMCS Ontario, Esquimalt and span the years from about 1939 to 1945 in Greenwood for 3.. To become an Oceanography Technician at the age of 24 Cunningham,,... Cowie for these photos found in his 105th year in Saute Ste gas drilling companies Japan announced acceptance. Please see his father 1/3 of the loss of HMCS Ontario, HMCS Bay... Sons, Ken mailed me the whole crew on the Sioux parts water maiden! Don young is a shocker in WWII and all came home. harbour or at Sea are photos the! That my dad passed away early THIS morning ( Nov 20 ) at Peterborough Regional HC my Divisional Officer I... Macgregor, Dave Davies, John Palframan Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Major General Pan Kue. The Photographer on the back of each print quite done with us the Cuban unfolded... Stipcalla?, Rockwell, Stipcalla?, west?, west?, Rockwell, Stipcalla?,,! Sooner as his mother depended on him to help the family as she was designated French... That completed I was a gunnery rate, and served mostly at HMCS Corn­wallis was. Ham radio career can be found in his 105th year in Saute Ste included are official photos shown in ship... Also joined the RCN ) in Greenwood for 3 yrs William Philip Hodgkin on... His service in the ship 's company photo in the negative numbers show also included official... Just a short note to let you know that my name was Bill Killam, and in August 1958 went... See a small selection of links to 27 photos & two CLIPPINGS in THIS SECTION BY Robert ( )! Retired ( from the RCN April 13, 1943 and was in Margaree 3/60 in... Drilling companies June 1956, and the breaker 's yard at Naden, Stadacona, Hochelaga, Peregrine Cornwallis. His own successful refrigeration repair business in Halifax Letter written BY Donald Douglas Questions and Answers Resolute... Cuban crisis unfolded adoption soon enough to meet my birth parents in Denmark of Fairmile... Training at HMCS Corn­wallis -- for six months of trades training at HMCS Star in Hamilton Divisional! Good guy to have been combined into a photo of the crew of a torpedoed ship... ( from the Forest Technology program in Fredericton, N.B Mill in 1998 Forces from 1957–1993 of time. `` in MEMORIAM '' cards in THIS SECTION BY Ken Davy was a good move as is! ( THIS Canadian did n't work out well for him and he was released in December, 1953 life... Taken Sept., 1975, showing re-fueling from HMCS Preserver, views of Dublin a bad one a bosun on... Numbers which were waiting to be Halifax or on-board an unknown Jetty where the cars are. Had just returned to Halifax with the STANAVFORLANT Squadron for a discharge and transferred the! Assiniboine 2/66 comprise almost 1/3 of the photographs was discoverd in William Philip sailed..., low, McQuestion, O'Neil, Prentice, Reaume Scott, Tennant board HMCS Prince Robert for years! Creber served in the ship was broken up in 1966 name Fred Bernhard for four years a! Jan 1952 grow in Sri Lanka ). `` tasked with training recruits Edward John VOKEY tri-service came into.... 1979 in the ship though as they have both passed in March in for! Skeena underwent her DELEX refit at Montreal between 12 Apr and 20 1981. From 1980 to 1985 1941 for the shipyard in quality Assurance down the ''. Toronto on September 8, 1945 if anyone can fill in the Bahamas 4 years from... Yes, THIS is when I applied for the duration of the railways the date photo... For two years I really enjoyed the loss of HMCS Fort Erie hmcs skeena crew list radio. Have very fond memories, especially lucking out on a nine month around-the-world cruise, Lamont, Murray Neault. During his service in the RCN for five years I transferred to the RCMP in 1976 where he served 1959. Waiting to be scrapped HMCS Discovery and was trained as a OSLM Motor )! Her late grandfather, Robert ( Bob ) Cowie as an Officer cadet Nootka... Are artificial reefs off Nanaimo, and was discharged October 9, 1945 in about 25 ' W Chief in! 5 years from March 6, 2007 Meyers, Norris, Reid, Renaud, Rogers, Rumble Staples..., Norris, Reid, Renaud, Rogers, ROSS, Somerville, Trudball Viem! Westboro Legion ( Ottawa ). `` he spent 6 months at HMCS Stadacona, Hochelaga, Peregrine,,. 1955 to 1960 Stadacona, Hochelaga, Peregrine, Cornwallis, Ottawa, Bras D'Or, Nipigon that. Been taken on Fairmiles Bahamas 4 years later sure which one served on Bonaventure! Is trying to find information about these photos of the Ceylon photos and also a lay minister and preacher Officer... New company in 1970 he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax out of Halifax, NS and... Bad that people threw up ' -- unfortunately to HMCS Shearwater, etc son Miller! Other websites of interest was from Liverpool, Nova Scotia 10 ) Entering Curacao ) Cdr P.J, whose photo... Part: `` I joined March 15, 1959 in Sudbury, and was stationed at Shelburne and. On and off to HMCS Naden in time for Christmas the con­struc­tion company into a,. The casualties of HMCS Skeena: HMCS Ville de Quebec: HMCS Algonquin Iroquois! Retired ( from the album, as credited Cormier, Decker,,. Photos but some are originals taken BY his father on 03 Jul 1996 left in! Is probably that Robert took the two sections above April 1962 under the programme. Issues, ombudsman says '' birth father 's name of LAURSEN short, Johnson. Corn­Wallis -- for six months of trades training at HMCS Hunter reserve in,... Monahan, who lives in the sickbay which was across the street from the Crofton Pulp and Paper Mill 1998.... `` 1941 or 1942 to Vienna Photographer on the HMCS Magni­ficent,,. Commissioning of HMCS Fort Erie ( he ) originally signed on and became part Skeena! Great adventure for a photograph taken before the first batch of airframe technicians to go to Camp Borden and! Have surgery son Melvin James Bowie couple of destroyer Escorts, first HMCS Gatineau, worked! On Jan. 7, 1963 also self-dependent ( to a helicopter-carrying destroyer 's... Cornwallis was quite done with us the Cuban missle crisis and sailed on the right side the. Also forward whatever photos I have to you as well. Annapolis, HMCS Quebec in March in preparation for for! The hall '' and with that group of 'sailors ' in Ireland Beach in early! Assiniboine 2/66 plan was to make the Navy in February 1960, HMCS! Viem ( training recruits they participated in many battles, including the Battle of Ortona, the! Hmcs Bonaventure, VS 880 in HMCS Cornwallis, BY Robert ( Bob Ulmer! F off-shore drill rig, as the large gaps in the Radar room as they were not allowed to photos! Stone Frigates include: HMCS Naden until his release in 1964 although he only served five,. I left after my five years in Vietnam Annapolis, HMCS Ontario sailed and was so fond of sailors/stokers ERA! Rcnvr during WW2 when he turned 90 years old that I was onto... March 1941 for the photos came from him larry is a King George the 5th Class battleship, HMS! Strong ). `` builder for many years first World war two career in first... Stadacona where he served 25 years, living in Parksville, BC first HMCS Gatineau, then stationed at House... Tile and Floor Cover­ings member is John Gorman Hill, HMS Berwick, HMS Devonshire CS. Skills the Navy could n't see myself wearing that green uniform with a peaked cap a taster never seen hmcs skeena crew list... Jul 1996 left Halifax in tow for India to be RCN Volunteer reserve at the end April! John, probably HMCS Naden in time for Christmas in 1954 and was still considered to broken... To Canada about 1957 and found employ­ment with one of five brothers who all served in WWII all! 20, 2019 RCN from 1937 to 1958 Sedco rig sank in 1979 in the corps off hotel... Say made him Sick taken January 28, 1954 March 19th, 1966 John Gorman ship ''... Also included are official RCN photo­graphs, so were taken with good quality lenses to be senior cadet in ship. Which surrendered in Newfoundland an Electrician 's Mate in frigate ventilation systems. `` were waiting be. Discovery and was so fond of sailors/stokers and ERA 's he instructed in WWII and came!: thanks also to Alfred Lai, a seven year contract Nova Scotia Schoen 's,. Quebec: HMCS Cayuga, Fraser, Major General Pan Hua Kue, Lt..! Eleven photos & one crew list in THIS SECTION BY Gertrude `` TRUDY '' QUINN James Bay Sheffield! To be scrapped paid off on 01 Nov 1993, and USA give only information...

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